Learn more about how single – use tableware could be appropriate for you during emergency situations.

Cross Contamination in Dishwashers

Summary: Dishwashers are used in central hospital kitchens and ward kitchens to provide clean crockery. Soil recipes based on international standards were tested in order to evaluate the performance of a general dishwasher. In normal use of dishwashers, adherent soild are left on the crockery before cleaning. Different adherent soils, both with and without bacterial contamination, were used to show the effectiveness of the dishwasher to remove this type of soil. It was shown that contamination will occur from the dishwaster to crockery with adherent soil. These results demonstrate the importance of cleaning soiled surfaces of crockery mechanically in the dishwashing process. Otherwise cross-contamination, and thereby the spread of infections, may occur. (Read Article)

Deadly Superbug Spreads

Summary: Microbe moving out of hospitals into communities. The presence of an antibiotic resistant superbug in Canadian hospitals has soared more than tenfold in the past decade, causing up to 1,000 deaths annually and costing hospitals $100 million a year, says a new federal report and one of its authors. (Read Article)

Serving Up Satisfaction!

Summary: Burlodge introduces Eversio as a single-use dishware and Karen Chang of Rouge Valley Health System talks about how it’s affected her food services. Eversio is a disposable line of dishware that is fully compostable and chemical free. It reduces the spread of infection because of its single-use and is more ergonomic compared to traditional dishware because it is lighter. Employees could be redirected to other positions outside of the dishroom as well. (Read Article)

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