Burlodge is the manufacturer and supplier of state of the art meal delivery equipment for all types and sizes of healthcare locations.

We pledge and a promise to work together with our customers through cooperation, interaction, teamwork. However you best identify with the idea, Burlodge believes strength comes from forging great working relationships. It is that theme and culture coupled with well-built and reliable equipment that has established Burlodge as the pre-eminent leader in meal delivery system equipment. Every food service operation has specific meal assembly and delivery requirements. Let’s work together to establish a solution that works best for you.

Burlodge Canada 

10 Edvac Dr,

Brampton, ON, Canada

L6S 5P2

Toll Free: 1 888 609 5552

Telephone: 905 790 1881

Email: customersupport@burlodgeca.con

Burlodge USA

PO Box 4088 – 3760 Industrial Drive
Winston Salem
NC 27115-4088

Tel. 336 776 1010
Fax. 336 776 1090
Toll Free. 1 877 Retherm