Emergtherm helps you manage the unexpected. Staff shortages can occur, water contamination is always a possibility, machinery can malfunction, and you may even need to respond to a pandemic event. It is great to know you can depend on single-use, sanitary Eversio16 trayware.

The Emergtherm Solution

Reliable Performance

Emergtherm consists of lightweight yet sturdy Eversio16 trayware, for easy handling by clients, patients, and staff alike. Eversio16 is high-heat friendly, so meal temperatures and patient satisfaction are maintained. It looks great while working hard, Eversio16 delivers the maximum in meal quality, presentation and ease.


One Use, Safe and Simple

One use Eversio16 makes sense for food service operations. You can serve meals with confidence because your dishware is clean, every time. All of your Eversio16 items are inside one Emergtherm box, so multiple handling does not occur.

A Recyclable Option

With Emergtherm you guarantee more than risk management for your facility, you inherently make the environmentally conscious choice for your operation. All materials are recyclable with the added benefit that the cutlery sets are biodegradable

Everything Inside One Box

Emergtherm is one box. Inside are 50 of each of the products you need. One order code, one price, one box, one storage area — lots of solutions.


8” Plate

A 8” high heat stable recyclable white plastic plate with a built in de-nesting system so the plates are easy to remove from a large stack. The plate will not soak in liquid. Its bright white finish is a great backdrop to any food item.


8” Plate Lid

This high heat friendly 8” plate lid fits atop an 8” plate without getting stuck on the plate via suction. The top is flat promoting stacking of other plate/lid combinations. There is an easy grip handle recessed in the centre of the top of the lid.


8 oz. Bowl

This 8 oz. bowl is high heat stable and has an integrated de-nesting feature helping the operator to remove a bowl with ease from a stack of bowls. The bowl does not soak up liquid.


8 oz. Bowl Lid

This plug fit style lid fits nicely into various Burlodge soup/cereal bowls. The polypropylene protects the lid from moisture. The lid is manufactured with a de-nesting feature making it easy to remove from a stack.


Double Wall Black Cup

This unique paper cup is only 2.75” tall making it the perfect companion to a trayed meal served from a cart holding other trays (the cup fits small tray spacing). Furthermore, the cup is high heat stable making it ideal for hot beverage retherm or boosting.


Cup Lid

This plug fit style lid fits nicely atop various Burlodge cups/mugs. The polypropylene lining protects the paper lid from moisture. The lid is manufactured with a de-nesting feature making it easy to remove from a stack.


Regular Cutlery Pack

This 6 Piece biodegradable cutlery is extremely strong and provides the best quality feel in the hand during eating. For added patient safety, the pieces have flexibility to minimize the chance that the item snaps or breaks in the mouth

Trusted Experience

Burlodge has offered one use food service products for over 15 years. The Eversio products were re-developed by Burlodge in 2016 to keep the promise of constant and efficient innovation. The new line, Eversio16, is tried and tested across North America with great success. Burlodge now offers these products together in one box — Emergtherm.

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